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chinese new yearThis Festival is also referred as Lunar New Year globally. The Chinese Festival celebrates the beginning of a New Year on the traditional Calendar Month. Once again, the schools have an amazing time doing Dragon Dances, Fan Dance, Storytelling and much more. Please feel free to let us know what you have in mind so we can make it your reality.


Mens and Womans FA CupYes, we do have Men and Woman -celebrating Cup Finals. MPA are delighted to make this celebration a Day or Week of Football Workshops which involves understanding the rules of football and learning and practising skills to encourage others. Of course, the FA Cup Final cannot be celebrated without a game of football which will be interesting to find out who the best team is…


world book dayWe love celebrating in our Schools with our different Storytelling Workshops which are available for Toddlers right through to our Teenagers. This is a very special time for our young people in full time education to also receive a voucher from the government toward a book or anything else which may be available to buy from your school or education sector. The United nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation are all about promotion of reading, Publishing and Copyrighting which has been celebrated from 1995.


st patricks dayThis Celebration is also known as The Feast of Saint Patricks” which is a religious and cultural Festival in Ireland. Students will learn Irish Dance basics through individual and figure (group) dancing. This class is open to all dancers starting out or looking for a new dance form. Many Irish dancers may want to sharpen skills or even learn a new routine.
No matter what level your dance ability is, MPA are confident and ready and waiting to work with you. Don’t forget to wear Green!!!!


world poetry dayThis is a Day of Celebrating Poetry and gaining an understanding of what poetry is about. Poetry is another great way of having an understanding to how young people think, see and feel about life through their eyes and through the eyes of other. You Your MPA Workshop leader will share some of their own work which is always nice with a few Q & A’s. The main part of these sessions will be helping young people gain knowledge on how to write poetry and what subjects may be of intertest to them. Everyone will also get the opportunity to read and share what they have written which for many showcasing is the best part…


world health dayThis is a season where we need to recognise Our World and Our Health has everyone needs to be aware of simple exercises physically and mentally that we can take on throughout their whole life’s. Fitness and Dance are our most popular activities for our World Health Day and a great way to show our young people how important health is all over the World, different life styles and jobs can bring different health problems which on World Health Day can be brought to your attention and addressed in various different way which is what we are here for.


international dance dayThis Global celebration of Dance was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute. This annual event takes place on Jean-Georges Noverres Birthday who is the Creator of Modern Ballet. For our schools this is a great opportunity to create a day of different dance styles including our Classical Dance Styles such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary. MPA need to know whether your school / class are working on a Topic, so we are able to compliment your workshop with your class studies. These workshops are really encouraging for children / young people who are looking to take dance further or as a career. Our classical dance styles are a part of the Dance curriculum and can be graded.


international dayAll our workshops are a pleasure to do…. We celebrate by learning all the different dance styles from different countries all over the world. African Dancing, African Drumming, Bollywood Dancing, Asian Drumming, Country Dancing and Line Dancing have been the favourites over the years. There are much more to choose from and anything which is not listed on our website please feel free to ask as I am confident, we can accommodate you. Our aim for these workshops is for pupils and teachers to come together learning a basic routine (depending on the advancement of the individuals taking part) which will be showcased at the end of the sessions/day. “Of course,” Our dance routines can also be showcased at a later date and if so, please ask your MPA Workshop Leader for the music to the routines learnt and this will be provided for you for performance purposes.


healthy heart weekThe World Federation are the organisers of our World Healthy Day which is there to remind and teach us the importance of Cardiovascular is to our lives. For our young children growing up this is something we try to in still in them from now so they can take it right through to adult hood. Of course, MPA have several different activities which will get your heart working. Our most popular activities for Healthy Heart Day Celebrations are Martial Arts, Aerobics, Street Dance and Boxercise. Please feel free to let us know whether you are interested in Dance, Fitness or Sport as they are all available to you.


national fitness dayYes, Fun and Fitness work well together!!! This is a day is for all different people from different backgrounds and age ranges to come together from all over the UK. It a day to try out new and different activities. Physical activities are there to help prevent diseases as well as mental health. Exercise is a lifestyle which is a necessity for us all wanting to live longer and have a balanced life. In these workshops any type of Physical exercise works well for our Physical and Mental Health such as Boxercise, Body Combat, Martial Arts, Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and lots more…


world animal dayAn International day for Animal rights and their well being. These celebrations take place because of Francis of Assisi who is the patron Saint of Animals. We celebrate our World Animal Day Annually through Dance and Fitness incorporating Animals which goes down a treat in the schools. Most young people and adults love Animals and if they don’t it a good way of introducing awareness.


black history monthIn the UK Black History Month has been celebrated for over 30 years. MPA are happy to be a part of it by educating our young people of today that Black History Month is there to show and share some of the Black Culture, through different forms of expression such as, Dance, Drumming, Storytelling and much more. This helps people young and older to allows the past to stay as the past. There are many Black great achievers all around us which are inspirations to our young people today. Ask one and you will see what we mean….


anti bullying weekHaving knowledge is immensely powerful and knowing how most Bullies mind sets work our MPA Workshop Leaders will firstly get you to look at yourself to start with. We like to do this exercise to making sure that you are not a Bully and have no desire to become one of them either. When you have been the victim of a Bully you gain an understanding that this is a very lonely and painful place to be. MPA will take you through a series of different exercises and show children / young people on how to deal with a few different scenarios to stop your / the bully. It is a very important workshop as schools will always have this to deal with Bullying at some stage. We also would like to say a big Thank-you to all schools for dealing with these challenges as we know you all are doing your very best.


divaliIs A Hindu Festival of lights which lasts for 5 days celebrated during what they call the Hindu Lunisolar Month or Karitka. One of the most popular Festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolisms the Spiritual aka: “Victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”. For this Celebration we have Bollywood, Classical Indian Dancing Asian Storytelling and Asian Drumming which are very complimentary to the occasion and a Winning Workshop.


We are happy to talk over the phone or via email to help you create your day as we have been working with the schools for over 10 year’s. MPA have an understanding that ideas need to be discussed and brain storming with us will help. We would like you as customer to get the very best out of your day so for us to understand your needs we also need as much information as possible.

You will learn a basic routine although we do also take into account that students at a higher level will be given a harder routine to suit. I have something to Workshop leaders will teach the pupils a routine which can be taken away and shown at a later date. You will then learn a very basic routine.



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